Change a Kid Behavior Now

Want to change a behavior in your home?

I often find myself wishing I had a magic wand to change behavior. It would be so much easier, right? The truth is, though, that each of us is an expert in behavior change for our own kids. No one knows better than you what will motivate your child to change, and what will never work.

How do you pick a behavior?

You’re an expert in that, too! You know – with just a little bit of reflection – which behavior will make the biggest impact if you could get rid of it in your home. This video, and the e-course I’ve created, will help you:

1. Choose a behavior

2. Find the outcomes

3. Make the change

4. Stick to it

The e-course, called Get the Behavior You Want System  is available now, and it will make all the difference this year, as you work to get the behavior you want in your home, without being the parent you hate!

How to Change a Behavior

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