Don't avoid stress...
Do stress better!

The people you lead require three things from you: empathy, gratitude and clear expectations. In times of stress, prove your worth by offering these. 

The people you lead require three skills: communication, problem-solving and outsight. Use the stress they already face to teach all three.

Everyone Experiences Stress and Anyone Can Become Resilient


Change is coming. Predicting the future is impossible, and preparing for it is crucial, but that combination can lead to burnout and failure. Instead, develop the culture, agility and responses to ready your team and your business for every potential scenario. Your policies, products and path can all flex if your people are resilient.


It's impossible to protect kids from struggle. Instead, we strive to prepare them to succeed no matter what challenges they face. Parents, educators, coaches, after school and summer professionals need the strategies to demonstrate empathy, raise expectations and build resilience in the children they raise and the youth they serve.


Stress can overwhelm. The constant battle to meet obligations, keep up with your responsibilities and care for your family stretches you so thin that every obstacle feels like it could break you. Your dreams extend beyond surviving. You need a reset, a different way of approaching your life. You need the path from stress to resilience.

Experiencing stress right now? Click here to get Dr. G’s free 5-minute guide to help you turn that stress into resiliency.

People are Counting on You to Overcome Stress

People look to you to make them more comfortable, more effective, and more successful. You need the insight, the language and the strategies to make that happen. Dr. G drives resilience with science-based insights, clear language and reproducible strategies!

Resilient Teams

Change is coming to your work. Are your people ready? Dr. G will use action (so they can DO something), differentiation (because everyone brings their own skills) and humor to grow their resilience!

Resilient Youth

Every child will face adversity. Dr. G connects with kids, teens and young adults, and enables you to give them the understanding, the insight and the tools to handle those difficulties and achieve their goals!  

Resilient You

The natural response to stress is to fight it, run away or freeze up. Dr. G helps you harness the power of the difficulties you’ve already faced – as well as whatever is coming your way – and conquer it with resilience!

Resilience isn’t given. It’s a choice.

Choose Resilience.

The people you lead will experience stress. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when… You are in a unique position to equip them to, not survive… but THRIVE! Bring Dr. G to you and leverage the inevitable and inspire your people to become exceptional!

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Learn Why Stress Produces The Best Results

Discomfort, change, and conflict are an invitation to embrace stress, defy frustration, and become resilient. This guide will show you the invitation and help you take steps to produce a better version of who you are!

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Insights to Transform Your Stress Into Your Resilience​

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