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“Dr. G lights up any event! Attendees walk away with valuable info that is easily applied to their lives. A gifted speaker and a generous, kind person. Always thinking of others. She gets my highest recommendation.”

Jennifer Labit

CEO, Cotton Babies


“Dr. G’s professional development webinar was spot on! She set the landscape to help us understand what is happening today regarding resilience, the needs of GenZ and Millennial employees, and how we can hire and retain the talent to fulfill our mission.”

Dayna Hardin

President, CampGroup, VP, National ACA Board of Directors


“Dr. G is a wonderfully accessible, knowledgeable, and fun resource for people finding their way through life’s journey – a terrific speaker and a social media maven who radiates positive energy.”

Bill Dwight


"Do not fear stress. Build skills so when stress comes, it strengthens you."

— Dr. Deborah Gilboa

Keynotes that Entertain, Educate, and Engage

Explore Dr. G’s most popular keynotes across all of her audiences — corporations, organizations, youth, and individuals. The list below represents past and popular keynotes — Dr. G will also build keynotes specific to the needs of your group, to achieve your desired outcomes.


Transform Stress to Resilience in Your Workforce

Stress is not the enemy. It’s a tool that can bring us to peak performance, or can beat us down into an exhausted heap. Corporate culture has been told to “reduce stress” and “avoid stress” so much that experiencing stress feels like its own failure. Dr. G – Deborah Gilboa, MD, resilience and development expert – will identify the mindset and strategies to turn stress to an advantage and avoid the harms it causes when left unchecked. She will teach you to create a culture of expecting stress and transforming those opportunities into strengthening, purpose-filled experiences that fuel resilience and success individually and as a company!



Resilience Means Retention: How to Keep Your Staff Working Successfully

Executives know the value of each staff member, but that knowledge and appreciation can be difficult to translate to staff, especially given the daily pressures and schedules faced by each member of the team. Communication struggles in every department are the biggest obstacles to serving customers and each other as a true community, as they cause lost time, lost knowledge, and mounting frustration in the very people we want most to support. Dr. G will focus on prevention, response, and reconciliation tools to build resilience in each member of your team. In this way both the predictable and the unimaginable stressors faced by anyone in an organization can be mitigated and managed with respect for the individual and the department in which they work. These strategies will leave each employee strong in the knowledge that their contributions are crucial – both to their own effectiveness and to the mission of your organization.


Use this Disruption to Create the Team You Need

Disruption. Upheaval. Pain. All of these can be obstacles to the work you do. Or they can be tools that strengthen your mission, your team and your work by building cohesion and purpose! Groups coalesce around suffering, and can build bonds that drive them towards success. Dr. G coaches work teams to overcome barriers and alter their perspectives to find the advantages and opportunities in the experience. As your group grinds its lens of resilience, they will learn to use the tools to prepare for and navigate future disruptions successfully.


Why – and How – You Have to Care about Mental Health in your Business

For many people, the biggest challenge of remote work is the mental strain. People of all ages are at increased risk for symptoms of anxiety and depression – even those who’ve never experienced it before – when separated from their supports. Without the structure and interactions of “regular” life, and with startling new stressors, we need tools and tactics – that people will actually use – in order to maintain good mental health. Stress is cumulative, and prevention is far easier than treatment. Dr. G (Deborah Gilboa, MD), family physician and an internationally acclaimed resilience expert, can lead adults working with staff, colleagues and their own family members, to recognize and head off risk, and to develop actionable strategies that build strength and resilience, for this week – and beyond.


Achieve a Culture that Expects and Embraces Change

Work culture grows from deep roots of mission and leadership. Business growth requires a culture that adapts and responds to the needs of the individuals, the purpose of the work, and the evolving ecosystem in which everyone involved exists. Dr. G mobilizes your team by arming each person with the skills they require to communicate effectively, and find more solutions than obstacles. Resilience – the ability to incorporate change and be better prepared for the next – also, in Dr. G’s hands, proves to groups the necessity and usefulness of that change and all those to come.


Intergenerational Communication and Behavior: Improving interaction and effectiveness EVERYwhere!

There are currently five generations – from Baby Boomers to Gen Z – who are our employees, customers, clients, donors and leaders. Understanding the unique attributes and contributions of each of these five groups, and the overlap that is often overlooked, solves many of the struggles and resentments that typically characterize the workplace in 2020. Dr. G will outline for the participants, using their own experiences and current research, the communication styles, goals and purpose in each of these intersecting groups – in ways that make the audience laugh and nod along. Focusing on strategies for improved respect and interaction, participants will leave with a new appreciation for this basic and fundamental truth: Each member of the the workforce and community adds to what we can accomplish, and most of the struggles can be avoided.


What Students Do (and don’t) Need During Disruption and Uncertainty

The challenges right now are many. But there is good news and there can be moments of joy in this stay-at-home experience. Dr. G  is showing up for your students and your family with strategies to make this time useful, meaningful, and easier. Come learn about how to help kids navigate the disruptions you’re facing, the difficulties you hadn’t imagined and couldn’t have prepared for, and give them the lifelong skills they will need the next time they face uncertainty and struggle. And get the tools you need to strengthen any family’s mental health and resilience.




The Power of Failure

In a culture dedicated to taking pictures of achievement and ignoring what it took to get there, students fear failure like nothing else. Dr. G demonstrates how the paths that lead to true success all require learning about, experiencing and overcoming failure. From identifying the benefits of choosing the class where you might get a B instead of an A, recommending activities that get students out of their comfort zone and into leadership, employment, or community involvement, Dr. G teaches participants how to empower students to learn and grow. She imparts the skills students need to be resilient when they fall flat and to get up and go for it all over again. Dr. G addresses the most common reasons that educators fear failure, and how to help students embrace the opportunities it offers for success.


How to Talk to Kids about Difficult Topics

Sex. Drugs. Grief. Alcohol. Divorce. Deployment. Pandemic. No matter what the topic, these hard subjects require effective and repeated conversations between adult and child. Dr. G will take the fear out of addressing these issues with clear steps to having these talks in ways that grown-ups can manage and children can hear. Dr. G helps parents incorporate the values they know their children need along with the facts they can’t do without. Dr. G empowers educators, coaches and youth professionals navigate these difficult talks in a professional and appropriate manner while helping to educate and build resilience in their students and give them somewhere they can turn to when they have difficult questions in the future. 


Changing Lives When You’re Not the Parent

Kids need adults. Parents – even great parents – aren’t enough. How can adult who isn’t the parent make a lasting and useful impression in a child’s or teen’s life? Dr. G explains the research, provides the tools and outlines the strategies that lead to success in any mentoring relationship. Support isn’t enough, talking won’t fix much; find out the tactics that bring about positive outcomes for kids, whether or not they are obviously at risk. Get real tools to partner with a student’s family – instead of feeling like the enemy – to give that child the best possible shot in life. Dr. G will arm you to make a difference in your school and your community by making those kids stronger.


How to Get What You Want from Adults

“Walk to my friend’s house.” “Stay home alone.” “Get a cell phone.” “Go to the movies with my friends.” “Dye my hair.” “Get a job.” Most of what kids want from adults are not illegal or unethical or crazy. But parents and teachers have great reasons for saying “No!” and they say it a lot. Dr. G will moderate a conversation with students about their goals and obstacles, and offer useful solutions to earning the privileges they seek. Through this lesson in resilience, respect and responsibility, students will discover ways to level up their autonomy with full adult support.


Strengthen Mental Health During Social Isolation

Children and adults benefit from (flexible) structure. If a daily schedule didn’t help, every kindergarten teacher in the world wouldn’t bother with one, right? But not every adult is a “schedule” kind of person, and most of the best laid plans go out the window when you’re juggling kids, work, pets, and feeding everybody all the time! Dr. G (Deborah Gilboa, MD), Parenting Expert on The TODAY Show, has 5 frameworks that every family can consider and adapt to keep kids feeling safe and keep everyone treating each other well while sheltering in place.


Use this Disruption to Build the Future You Want

For many people, the biggest challenge of disruption is the mental strain. People of all ages are at increased risk for symptoms of anxiety and depression – even those who’ve never experienced it before – when their expectations have to change so abruptly. Without the structure and interactions of “regular” life, and with startling new stressors like major financial upheaval and new fears, we need tools and tactics – that people will actually use – in order to overcome. But there is an opportunity here – a total reset gives anyone who takes it the opportunity to decide what they want and set a course to get it. Dr. G can lead individuals to outline their goals, and to develop actionable strategies that build strength and resilience, to get there not in spite of disruption, but because of it. 


Change Fear to Fierce

In a culture dedicated of taking pictures of achievement and ignoring what it took to get there, we often feel pressured pretend failure isn’t an option, while fearing  any situation that includes risk of that failure. Working to avoid consequences, or even change rules, so that someone who has made a mistake doesn’t have to be held accountable, today’s society is more about mitigating risk than stepping up to a challenge. Dr G. demonstrates how the paths that lead to true success all require learning about, experiencing and overcoming failure. Dr G addresses the most common reasons that adults fear failure, why we need accept risk and how to embrace the opportunities it offers for success.


5 Keys to Staying Connected While Apart

Social isolation causes discomfort in almost everyone. Discomfort can turn to danger without the tools to stay linked and supported by the parts of our lives that nourish us. Dr. G provides the tactics for building and maintaining bonds from afar. She proves the need for intentional action in relationships, and the skills each of us can develop in ourselves and others to shift from isolation to interconnection.


You Will Change and It Will Help You Succeed!

People fear change. Every change causes loss, and that loss can lead to pain. In an effort to avoid pain, many people work tirelessly to prevent any change – even that which would help them achieve their goals and find more happiness. Dr. G shifts the lens on how your audience your audience perceives change. By sharpening their focus on the necessity and inevitability of change, she helps them see that the piece they can control – their approach to change – shapes the vast majority of each new reality they experience. By building their desire for and ability to navigate change, Dr. G helps each participant achieve their own goals, no matter what change they face.


What Really Matters and What Doesn’t

Ask someone what matters most to them and they rattle off a list. Check that list against their calendar and tasks and the picture changes. Most dissatisfaction stems from a mismatch between a person’s priorities and their reality. Dr. G doesn’t need to tell your audience what matters to them – she pushes them to embrace their expertise in what they want, and lean on her strategies to get there. From tools to use time more effectively to communication skills and boundary setting, each person will leave this session ready to match their reality to their goals.


How to Get the Adults in Your Life to Act Like Adults

If only it was possible to MAKE other people resilient! Most projects, events and family experiences require working with other adults towards a common goal. Nourishing friendships, staying connected with family – even these “positive” connections often involve lots of drama and difficulty. Dr. G teaches participants how to draw resilience – the ability to acknowledge and overcome difficulty – from those we know, work with, even love. The skill of getting the adults around you to step up and bring their best selves to your tasks and relationships strengthens you and everyone in your environment.

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Resilience is not given… it is choice and action. Your audience is counting on you to choose resilience!

Dr. G is a fantastic speaker who really knows how to entertain a group while educating. I would highly recommend having her at your next event. Dr. G’s will be one of the most memorable and informative sessions offered.

Dillon Kalkhurst

Director Social Engagement & Strategic Partnerships — Scholastic

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