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That heart-in-your-throat feeling and what it’s trying to tell you


Have you ever had a conversation or a meeting or an opportunity and, even before it’s started, you so very much need it to go well that you can barely catch your breath? That you feel your heart pounding (with excitement, fear, trepidation) that you think other people must be able to hear it too? 

That feeling happens when you have a great deal resting on the outcome of an encounter. It’s GOOD because it means you’re taking risks, contemplating change that is either unavoidable – you’re living life – or USEFUL – potentially moving you towards the future you want. The people in your life have these moments too, and whether it’s you or your kids or your colleagues or your students or your employees, there is an important strategy that can help with the risk and navigate the outcome… no matter how it goes.

Today I had a great call with a friend. We’re both entrepreneurs. Solopreneurs, actually, who are carrying the need to provide for our families along with our separate visions for how we can use our opportunities and gifts to impact the world for the better. I’m working to make our entire society more change competent and less afraid of stress. He’s setting the stage for world peace (actually). Yeah, his is a little more impressive. 🙂

Anyway, we each have had some BIG meetings recently. Meetings that felt like they were make-or-break for our missions. And we were talking about how to navigate those, be amazing, and still stand up and keep going if they don’t work out. Here’s what we’ve learned:

Before the big encounter, decide what you’ll do when it doesn’t work out.

That’s right. Not “if” but WHEN you don’t get the yes you were hoping for or counting on, what is the next step to get to where you know you need to be? Don’t just decide on a Plan B, make a list of five things you can do to reach your goal when that amazing opportunity or important argument or crucial opportunity falls apart.

Now, I know that five options sounds excessive. Maybe even ridiculous. If you could think of five other options, this one encounter wouldn’t be so important!

Right. Exactly. 

You can’t control how the opportunity or conversation will go. You CAN control your attitude, your behavior and your purpose. Your purpose matters! Remember – there is never only one path to reach your goal. Walk into every heart-in-your-throat encounter knowing that you have options, and knowing what they are. As your heart slows down and your breathing returns to normal, you’ll see – this is the strategy you need for resilience and success.

What heart-stopping encounter is in your near future? And what are five options when it doesn’t go perfectly? Hit reply and tell me!

All my best,

Dr. G

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