Are you as (or more) worried about your staff as the kids you serve?

At the end of the day do you feel like a therapist instead of a program director?

Do you wonder how to “incentivize” your staff to do their job?

Are you surprised or frustrated by things your staff struggle to handle?

How to Strengthen Resilience and Mental Health in Your Staff and Campers/Students

Dr. G’s Interactive On-demand Staff Training is ready for you!

You are one step closer to the resilient, engaged staff you and your campers and students need!

This is staff training you need to solve the mental health obstacles you face each year.

Your staff are amazing humans, but they are struggling. Their mental health is deteriorating, their stamina is not as good as it could be and they are looking to you for help to succeed. Your campers and students are also having a rough go. Some of them need extra social and emotional support, some need skills to be more resilient and they all want help from your staff.

They need skills, and they need them from an outside, expert voice (because our brains open to new ideas better when they come from someone we respect but don’t know well). You need new vocabulary and activities for them to do and for your leadership team to refer back to through the summer in order to decrease overwhelm and move everyone’s focus towards your program mission.

This staff training is created and presented by Dr. G, family physician and Resilience and Youth Development Expert. Learn more about Dr. G here.

It’s time for...

Interactive and fun skills-building and activities-based staff training that develops culture

Evidenced-based, scientifically valid explanations that your staff can understand and remember

Flexible, customizable training that will strengthen your leadership and your frontline staff

Change that lasts. A three year program to improve skills now, shift culture and achieve your organization’s mission

Deliver staff training that you can fit into your schedule and tailor to your people and space with the certainty of content that you need, focused on resilience and mental health.

This is the staff training you need to solve the mental health obstacles you face each summer.

Dr. G’s Interactive On-Demand Staff Training

Three hours of training for a summer of resilience

Bring in an outside expert to deliver the brain science and empathy your staff need in order to shift their perspective towards your participants and your mission.

Focus on Mission

Deep dive into the purpose of your program and your staff’s connections to that mission.

Change Is Hard

Understanding the brain science behind our resistance to change and how to overcome it.

The Utility of Stress

Identifying the impacts and usefulness of stress and how to curate those stressors to build strength.

Danger Vs Discomfort

Differentiating between the rare danger we experience and the far more common and useful discomfort.

Resilience Skills

How to navigate change towards a positive goal (and how to teach that to kids).


Strategies for moving other staff and kids through stress towards positive goals.

When You Don't Need Help

Defining parameters for autonomy and knowing when to get support.

When Not If

And other language shifts that bake resilience into interactions.

Dr. G’s Interactive On-Demand Staff Training Program Profile

Will this work with my staff? Here is who this program was built to serve:

What to Expect from Dr. G’s Interactive On-Demand Staff Training

The best time to start teaching your staff resilience was in kindergarten, the second best time is right now!

These skills can begin now and these ideas will strengthen your culture and success this summer. And these ideas and skills require repetition and layering, which is why this is a three year program.

Dr. G on video speaking directly to your staff delivering the brain science behind their own experiences of stress and the evidence-based strategies they can utilize to build their own mental health and resilience as well as that of the kids they serve.

Activities (large group, small group and individual) to learn, apply and practice these ideas in order to build their resilience as we go (and also have fun!) – enough activities to never repeat in the three years of the program.

Everything You Need – Facilitator’s Guide, Participant Workbooks, Staff Training Plan and a supplies list and instructions for each activity to support the leader you choose to guide this training.

Three Years of Program Dr. G will update this content yearly to reflect best practices and staff needs and provide activities so that no year is a replica of the year before. This iteration and repetition will build sustainable behavior.

Strengthen Your Team: Invest in Resilience

Build resilience in your staff with Dr. G’s On-Demand Video Training Program. Over 3 years of content equips teams with science-based tools to manage stress, adapt to change, and empower themselves to support campers.

Differentiate danger from discomfort. Transform your staff’s ability to handle challenges. Ensure your team can meet the growing need for mental health support.

Show your commitment to staff, parents, and students today!

Dr. G's Staff Training




Enroll your organization today for just $2,000 annually and a 3-year commitment.

Dr. G's Staff Training




Enroll your organization today for just $1,000 annually and a 3-year commitment.

Book a call with Dr. G and learn exactly how this staff training program will elevate your team.

Dr. G wants your staff to exceed your expectations! Book a call and get the insights and instruction you need to develop your staff into the team you want.

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