From Stressed to Resilient: The Guide to Handle More and Feel It Less



For years, we’ve been told that the secret to managing stress is avoiding it, but what if that’s not the answer at all?

From Stressed to Resilient is a guide for strength-building that translates into results. It turns out that stress itself is not actually the enemy. In fact, stress is not only survivable, it can be the tool that gets you exactly what you want from life, in a life you actually want. The key isn’t about getting rid of stress – it’s in building something else.

And that something else is resilience.

In From Stressed to Resilient, Dr. Gilboa will take you by the hand and guide you through practical and easy exercises as she teaches you eight Resilience Skills that will tone and strengthen your ability to not only cope but to move forward and be happy in the face of change. All change brings stress and every day brings change. When you know how to build resilience you can tackle anything that comes your way with energy and confidence.

If you’re ready to shed those unwanted feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and fear to become stronger and ready for new challenges, then From Stressed to Resilient is exactly the guide you need!

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