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nothing saps your resilience quite like technology


This is NOT a note about why tech is bad for us. I, as a matter of fact, am a HUGE fan of technology!

That doesn’t diminish, however, the stressors that tech can (and does) add to our lives on a pretty regular – and yet almost entirely unpredictable – basis.

Here’s what I mean. You know the feeling you get when you

  • get a new TV and have to figure out the remote? 
  • have to migrate your information to a new laptop?
  • set up and figure out a new phone?
  • when an app you NEED isn’t working right?
  • when you’ve put your password in three times and it keeps telling you you’re wrong so you create a new password but when you put that one in it tells you “Must choose a password you haven’t used before”??

Navigating change around technology is complicated for all but the most savvy technologic professionals because – and here is the key – we use tech to meet needs in our lives. 

Most of us use technology to accomplish other goals, like banking, scheduling, communicating, staying informed. We think of technology as a means to an end, and when the means get messed up we quickly feel overwhelmed. 

What’s the solution? How to do we build tech resilience and navigate these disruptions or changes more easily? Three steps:

  • Recognize the stressor. Have a little empathy for yourself and don’t expect to be able to “just deal with it” without some feelings of loss, distrust or discomfort.
  • Assess the need. Is navigating this useful to you? Is it unavoidable? If it’s either (or both) of those things, keep going. If it’s neither you can walk away!
  • Choose your path. Figure out your goal – a working TV or laptop or phone, etc, or maybe solve your communication issue in an old-fashioned way today and put this struggle off til you’re feeling a little more resilient or can get some tech support.

Technology is a tool. You choose how it serves you.

What’s your biggest triumph through technology? Or biggest stressor when it doesn’t work right? Comment and let me know. I’ll tell you mine, too if you’d like!

All my best,

Dr. G

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