Hi Valley Forge School educators and families!

I’m so glad you found me here. We talked (and laughed!) about the struggles of teaching resilience to teens, and there are so many resources I’d like to share with you! Scroll down just a bit and find the content I promised you from our time together, more videos and tools to help you strengthen yourself and your students. If you’re thinking of inviting me to speak to a group you lead, please let me know! I’d love to learn with you again.

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Dr. G

Resources for you!

Dr. G Helps the People Who are Important to You!

You’ve gotten a taste of the energy, humor and knowledge Dr. G brings to participants. Who are you concerned about right now? Who needs to handle change better, strengthen their own mental health, or develop lifelong tools to navigate stress? Whether it’s your team at work, youth you’re educating, your own family or a group of adults that you lead, get in touch with Dr. G to see how she can help.

Wait... There's More!

Develop your skills to overcome challenges, struggle, and difficulty, and to teach that to others


  • Teach Resilience: Launch
  • Teach Responsibility: Work ethic
  • Teach Respect: In yourself and others 
  • Get the Behavior You Want… Without Being the Parent You Hate!


  • Change a Behavior in a Week
  • How to Talk to Kids about Tough Topics
  • Teen Driver Bundle: All You Need to Know to Put them on the Road
  • Dr. G’s Rx for Preventing Sressed Out Staff
  • Preschool Parenting Strategies

         …and so many more!


  • How Stress Can HELP You
  • 3 Hacks for Monitoring Social Media
  • Are Parents Too Distracted
  • How to Stop Negative Self-talk
  • How to Talk to Kids about Pornography
  • Teach Young Adults How to Adult
  •  What Parents Need to Know about Masturbation

      …and scores more!

Ask Dr. G

  • Prepare, Don’t Panic, for the Weeks Ahead
  • Tips on How to Mentally Strengthen
  • “Why are Kids Stressed Out? How can we Help?”
  • “How do I help Someone ELSE be a Good Problem Solver?”
  • “Help! My Kid Saw Pornography, What do I do?”
  • How to Talk About Binge Drinking

    …and hundreds more!

Learn Why Stress
Produces The Best Results

Discomfort, change, and conflict are a means to confront stress, defy frustration, and become resilient. Take steps to produce a better version of you and the people in your life!

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Insights to Transform Your Stress Into Your Resilience​

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