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Laundry. Very few people love doing laundry, but it has to get done. In our home, when you turn 7 you get a big privilege – your own (supervised) email account – and a…
Are you worried about the kind of people your child will date some day? Who he or she might marry? You have the power – right now – to influence those choices! Date your…
Sending kids off to college is usually exciting and sometimes awful, like much of parenting! Kristine Sorensen, of CBS’ morning show Pittsburgh Today Live interviewed me about how to prepare ourselves and our families….
It is nerve-wracking to talk to teenagers about parties. But this conversation – really series of conversations – has to happen. Whether it is your child’s first party or your teen is a frequent…
Siblings bicker. Adults often want to step in and end it, but it never seems to end! Doctor G has some suggestions for figuring out if it’s really a problem, and then empowering kids…
Most parents want our kids to help out around the house (click for a free chore chart!), but it’s hard to stay motivated make it happen. It takes consistency and often some arguments. AND it’s…
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