Parenting Speaker

Parenting Expert and author, Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD,) works with audiences to increase their knowledge and to sharpen the parenting instincts they already have.

Using humor and her own struggles as a parent, Doctor G really knows how to connect with audiences. Her experience as a family physician to hundreds of families over the years has given her great understanding of the many situations parents find themselves, from how to improve your child’s behavior to the 3 Rs of Parenting: teach respect, teach responsibility, teach resilience.

Doctor G offers parenting solutions, parenting tips and work/life balance advice for wide range of groups.

Working parents appreciate her no-nonsense approach and Doctor G is an excellent resource for corporations or employers seeking ways to help their team handle the stresses of the work/life balance. Educators and administrators from pre-schools to military bases to universities find that Parenting Expert, Doctor G has the tools they need to develop students with great character who can launch!

Dr. G Offers
Dr. G’s candid parenting advice and straightforward parenting tips have made her an in demand international parenting speaker. She offers keynotes, workshops, and webinars that empower parents to raise respectful, responsible and resilient kids.

  • Keynotes (30, 60 and 90 minute talks)
  • Workshops (1, 2 and 4 hour sessions)
  • Breakout Sessions (30, 45 an 60 minute presentations)
  • Virtual learning and webinars (45 and 60 minutes)
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What Parents Are Saying

"I thought she was absolutely amazing. Her advice and expertise was very helpful. I went home and tried a few of her suggestions on my children and it actually worked. I am a single mom with no help so I need good advice from other parents to help me stay on top of things with my kids when I am struggling with them, I also have a huge 13 year gap between my boys so I am struggling with an 18 year old boy who thinks he knows it all and a 5 year old boy who is super needy and wants mommies attention all day long.

I just want to say thank you for the invitation and Doctor Gilboa is awesome!"
Sears employee's written feedback

"Doctor G's heartfelt approach and insight into parenting combined with a medical background provides unparalleled advice."
Mysti Guymon-Reutlinger

"Doctor G. is a breath of fresh air, and her advice is both practical and well informed. In a time when so many doctors remain chained to their desks in the brick and mortar practices, Doctor G. uses technology and the internet to help people throughout our country, and around the world. Doctor G. is always my first place to turn, whether for her sage advice, or just a few kind words of encouragement."
Craig Grella

"I love Doctor G. Really open, honest, logical and truly good advice."
Jen Ann Hall