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Thursday 23rd Oct 2014

elementary school age

I would love to know what an appropriate punishment is for a sassy 10 year old. My daughter is generally a great kid, but she has started being really mean to her 6 year old brother as well as being very dismissive toward any suggestions by me or things I ask her to do. When […]
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Friday 17th Oct 2014


It’s Teen Driver Safety Week. Do you love a teen who is driving, or will be soon? I was asked by to create this video about how we can help teens drive more safely. I’m thrilled at the opportunity because, more than illness, or drugs or any other poor decision kids can make (and […]
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I’m having a tough time accepting my step daughter. My wife and I will be married for a year this October. The transition to teaching manners and respect has been slightly dismal. We want to embed gratitude, understanding consequences and how to be an overall good person. What can I do to accept her and […]
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Kids look for people to look up to. Watching sports can make for great family time and memories. Raising sports fans often leads to years of bonding and shared connections. So what do we do when a player the whole family admires gets called out for behaving badly? Talk about it. Our kids are ready […]
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¬†Ebola is scary. I completely get that. The idea of “catching” something that can be fatal is one that sends most people down the rabbit hole, and the possibility of our¬†kids catching something is terrifying. Get the facts. Find out how it’s spread, what you need to know, and what your kids need to know. […]
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